Thursday, September 15, 2011

Drag Strip Courage And Compacts

Monday I asked the Toronto Roller Girls if they needed any poster art for October. Turned out they needed a poster for Wednesday so I got my act together and "whipped" this poster together on Tuesday. I though I would show the contrast of the tough side of the derby girls with the dainty which I think really works here. It cracks me up when you go see the derby and they're dancing while waiting for the whistle to blow. Maybe Roller Disco will be the next big thing for those of you on eight wheels. If anyone needs a roller disco poster done please call me.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roller Derby - Double Header

I've teamed up with Kitchener's Tri-City Roller Girls for this loving tribute to the Sweet Valley High book series. This poster is for the Sept 24 match featuring the Tri City teams the Vicious Dishes and the Total Knock-Outs verses Toronto's D-Vas and Montreal Les Contrabanditas. I'm not sure where the Sweet
Valley High idea originated but once I had it in my head it was obvious that it needed to be done.