Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trix - Fruit-Flavored Corn Cereal

Just in time for Easter, here's the Trix Rabbit. As part of series of mock Breakfast Cereal illustrations I'm working on I decided to try something entirely new for Trix. Rather than the traditional sugar craved maniacal bunny I went with a smooth ukulele strumming rabbit in bow tie, wingtips and mask.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sugar Teeth

I just finished my second mock cereal box sample. The first was a tribute to Leyendecker and George Romero, this one is a tribute to Sugar Crisp's Sugar Bear. The goal here was to make the cuddly little guy a bit more realistic than we've seen him in the past while keeping him stylishly dressed in his red turtleneck.

Funny note, while researching the images for this piece I found out that Canada is one of the few places that Sugar Crisp is still Sugar Crisp. The cereal got a PC makeover and is Golden Crisp most places. Does that mean the Sugar Bear is the Golden Bear now? Just wondering.