Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Art Of The Roller Derby

On top of my normal illustration work, I've been busy this year on a number of designs for the local Roller Girls.  Last season I did a couple posters for the Tri-City Roller Girls and The Toronto Roller Derby.  Both posters were very popular and since being ripped off their telephone poles I've had both the designs made into T-Shirt designs available on Red Bubble.


This year I've got three new Roller Girls pieces under my belt already and a few more scheduled.  The first piece this year was my recruitment poster.  This poster was based on the WWI recruitment posters but took on a YWCA look in the end.
The next one was for the Junior fans of the roller derby.  I abandoned the traditional look of the Tri-City roller girls and went straight for a Saturday Morning Cartoon vibe.  It was lots of fun and hopefully the shirts will be on the merch table next bout.
Speaking of the next bout, Death Race 2012 is this Saturday night and I did a tribute the 1970s and 1980s drive in movie posters, a little tacky and deliberately low-fi but it was just what I wanted.  If there are any Roller Girls in need of a poster or shirt please be sure to call me up.  So what's next?

Roller Boogie!

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