Wednesday, January 20, 2016

David Bowie - Laundry Day

In 2009 I was working with Maisonneuve Magazine on a series of illustrations based short articles by the Canadian author and musician Dave Bidini.  One of the stories talked about how his rock heroes had become more human to him.  I was really interested in this idea so one of the sketches that I developed was based on the outrageous centerfold inside David Bowie's Aladdin Same album.  I loved the original artwork, Bowie is far more than human, maybe from another planet, maybe from another dimension, maybe some sort of God.  So my idea was to bring him back to Earth by taking this strained pose and turning it into him supporting his back while carrying his laundry basket.

The art director passed on the idea and the pencil sketch has hung in my studio for 7 years waiting for me to finish it.  So with David Bowie's untimely death this past week I knew it was time to revisit the idea.  So here is my loving and hopefully kind of funny tribute to one of the artist and musician
David Bowie.

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